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Be Prepared: Avoid An Emergency Vet Visit with These Tips

As pet owners, we do not want to think about our beloved furry family members getting sick or injured. However, the reality is that emergency vet visits happen all the time.

Being prepared and knowing what signs to look for can help you avoid a costly and stressful trip to the emergency vet. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why emergency vet services are needed and how pet owners can stay one step ahead.

Vet holding a puppy at the emergency vet clinic
Be Prepared: Avoid An Emergency Vet Visit with These Tips

Signs of Illness or Injury

One of the best ways to avoid an emergency vet visit is by being aware of any signs that your pet may be ill or injured. Examples include changes in behavior and energy level, vomiting or diarrhea, appetite loss, lethargy, excessive sleeping, limping, and loss of balance/coordination.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, it’s important to get them checked out right away. The sooner you act, the better chance your pet has at making a full recovery after an emergency vet visit.

Preventative Care

Another way to avoid an emergency vet visit is by ensuring your pet gets regular preventative care such as vaccines and routine check-ups with their veterinarian. Keeping up with regular check-ups allows your veterinarian to catch potential issues early on before they become more serious (and more expensive!) problems down the line.

Additionally, make sure you’re following your veterinarian’s recommendations for diet and exercise for your dog or cat. This will help keep them healthy over time and reduce their risk for developing serious illnesses that could require an emergency visit.

Pet Safety Gear

Finally, another great way to prevent an emergency vet visit is by investing in quality safety gear for your pet such as harnesses when walking them outdoors or gates when they’re inside the house.

This will help ensure they stay safe while they explore their environment without putting themselves at risk of injury or illness due to exposure to dangerous elements such as wild animals or toxic substances like antifreeze or rat poison. I

Investing in quality safety gear can go a long way towards avoiding an unnecessary trip (and expense) to the emergency vet! Taking care of our pets is something we all strive for as responsible pet owners but unfortunately emergencies still do happen from time-to-time despite our best efforts.

By being aware of any signs that might indicate illness or injury in our pets, having them get regular preventative care from their veterinarian, and investing in quality safety gear we can all help decrease our chances of having an unexpected trip (and expense) to the emergency vet!

Business logo for Companion Veterinary & Urgent Care Center

Here at Companion Veterinary we take great pride in assuring your pet is well cared for in the unfortunate event of an emergency vet visit.

Our staff is well trained and experienced to handle any emergency vet situation you may face. Give us a call today if you have any questions or concerns regarding an emergency vet visit! Your furry family member will thank you for it.

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