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Urgent Care Walk-in Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, & Sun 12pm - 10pm
Even on Holidays


Urgent Care and Emergency Services

Our Urgent Care Center will allow pets to receive same-day care, during hours that are convenient for the owners, at a reasonable cost.


Isolation Facilities – We are able to safely house pets with contagious diseases or viruses away from otherwise healthy pets to limit exposure to things like Parvo and upper respiratory infection.


Trauma Assessment & Stabilization - When unexpected life or death situations arise, we are equipped with in-house diagnostic testing and highly skilled staff so that our team can quickly assess your pet’s immediate needs and start lifesaving treatments right away.


Feeding Tube Placement - We place feeding tubes on critically ill patients that are not willing or able to eat on their own, this way we can easily provide enough nutrients per day to your pet stress-free.


Blood Typing – Much like humans, canines and felines have different blood types. Also like humans they need to be given the proper blood type in transfusion situations.


Blood/Plasma/Platelet Transfusions - There are many different reasons your pet may need a lifesaving transfusion. Here at CVUC we have multiple feline and canine donors that are health screened prior to being approved for the donor list.


ECG & Blood Pressure Monitoring - These are important measures of a pet’s heart and cardiovascular function, as well as values that are monitored when your pet is under anesthesia.


Full Pharmacy - We carry a full pharmacy so we do not have to send you away with a written prescription for your pet and you can start prescribed medication immediately. 


Digital Radiology - Our X-ray machine is fully digital which means there is no need to wait for time consuming film development. We have a radiograph (x-ray) within just seconds ready to be interpreted by the veterinarian, and if needed they can be sent to be interpreted by a board certified veterinary radiologist in less than an hour.


Complete Blood Analysis - In-house blood analysis machines are used in urgent and emergent situations where results are needed as quickly as possible, normally within a 20-30 minute turnaround.


Urine & Fecal Analysis - We can look at urine and fecal samples on a microscopic level to identify everything from parasite ova (eggs) in your pet’s feces to crystals in your pet’s urine and then be able to treat your pet accordingly.


Medical Intensive Care - Sometimes, your pet needs to be monitored and treated in a hospital setting, even if they have not had a major procedure or injury.  We can provide high-level care for sick pets, much like you would receive in an ICU unit.


Major & Minor Emergency Surgery - From small scrapes and scratches to life saving surgeries and everything in between.


High Level Anesthesia Monitoring - While your pet is under anesthesia for any reason at CVUC their full vital signs (from heart rate and rhythm, to oxygenation, to blood pressure) are being monitored at all times by the veterinarian, a dedicated technician, and monitoring equipment.


IV Fluid Therapy - There are many different reasons your pet’s veterinarian may recommend your pet be placed on intravenous fluids, anything from dehydration to stabilization from a trauma.  


Post Operative Monitoring - After surgery, monitoring of your pet while they are recovering is just as important as monitoring during a surgical procedure, that’s why we continue to monitor vital signs closely until your pet is once again considered stable.


Wound Treatment - Different types of wounds can require different types of treatments. At CVUC we are equipped to treat all wounds from lacerations to burns with treatments from surgical debridement to Manuka Honey bandages and everything in between.

Call ahead for an Appointment or just Walk-In
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It can be very frightening when your pet is ill or injured.  There are times when Urgent Care makes all the difference, and it is important to know who you can quickly turn to in the event of an emergency. 

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While we encourage you to see your family veterinarian if possible, there are times when your vet may not be available or may not be able to see your pet immediately.


We offer walk-in services for sick pets during our open hours.

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