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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why do dogs eat grass? It was once assumed that dogs only ate grass to settle an upset stomach. While this might be true sometimes, Some dogs seem to enjoy eating grass as if it was a snack. The exact reason why each individual dog eats grass is still unknown, however, there are a couple explanations that vets believe to be true.

Dogs Are Scavengers

When a dog is grazing in the backyard, they could be showing some hard-wired instincts. Wild dogs are omnivorous, eating both meat and plants. Dogs in the wild have been observed scavenging for any berries, vegetables, and plants that they can get their paws on. When in the ordinary owner's backyard, grass is typically a dog's only option in terms of plant material. Grazing could be instilled in their DNA.

Grass Is Tasty

Some dogs chomp on grass and always have so it seems quite possible that they enjoy the flavor. Owners have even noticed that their pets seem to enjoy grass more at specific times of the year. If you suspect that it's not just a delicious snack check in with your urgent care vet or emergency vet to see if you should be concerned.

They Have An Upset Stomach

If a pup has an upset tummy, they may be looking for ways to alleviate their distress. Whether it's how fast the dog consumes the grass or the tickle it induces in their throat when consumed, some dogs will vomit. If you think that your furry friend may be sick, give your urgent care vet or emergency vet a call.

They Are Bored

Some dogs need to be emotionally stimulated more so than others. So it is possible that they may turn to eating grass as a distraction. If you find that you have a high strung dog that eats a lot grass, it could be time for you to step up your dog's activity throughout the day. Introducing more physical activity and mentally stimulating toys have been known to reduce anxiety.

Grass Danger

Grass is very straightforward plant material and is not normally dangerous for dogs to ingest. However, it can be extremely poisonous when it has been treated with chemicals found in lawn sprays and treatments. If you're concerned that your dog has consumed grass treated with chemicals, contact your urgent care vet or emergency vet immediately to find out what you should do.

Some dogs may eat grass every single day as if it's a component of their diet, and some dogs may suddenly consume considerable quantities of grass if they’re not feeling well. While grass consumption is not toxic for dogs, it may be a symptom of something else. Pay attention to your dogs normal habits and if they are all of a sudden consuming grass definitely give your urgent care vet or emergency vet a call. There may not be anything to worry about but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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