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What You Can Expect From Leaving Your Pet At An Animal Care Clinic

Sometimes when our pets have taken ill, we have to leave them at a dedicated animal hospital for extensive treatments. As pet owners, this can be a heartbreaking situation - the idea of your pet being lonely and scared in a new environment is too much for most of us to bear.

At the same time, we know how important it is to give our animals the best care we’re able to, even if that means making the tough decision to have them stay in an animal care clinic until they are healed.

Still, you’re bound to have some questions about what your pet’s stay in an animal care clinic will be like and whether you’ll be able to visit or not. We’ve put together those answers and more for you below:

After Check-In Is Over

Once you’ve gotten to your local veterinary clinic or hospital and signed your pet in, they’ll be taken to the “ward” where patients stay.

There, they’ll be put into their own crate or holding area along with clean bedding, food, and water depending on their treatment. If they’re going to have surgery, they’ll need to fast until after the procedure is done.

From here, they might conduct some tests or place an IV under sedation if fluids are needed. This should all be explained to you on the intake form or by the clinic assistant.

What Kind Of Supervision Will They Have?

Of course, you’d like to know that your beloved pet is going to be safe at all times, especially during the night in case of any issues. Whether they get overnight care or not depends on the type of animal care clinic your pet is staying in.

If the clinic offers 24-hour care, there will be staff present during the night to monitor your pet and ensure they are doing ok. If the clinic does not, they’ll likely do a round of final checks before locking up for the evening and returning to do checks again once they open in the morning.

It’s a good idea to establish which local animal care clinics in your area are able to offer overnight care versus the ones that don’t before your pet needs them.

Will They Be Scared?

For your pet to leave their home is kind of scary, yes. But you can rest assured that the staff that works at these animal care facilities do the utmost to keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible.

This includes keeping the lights low, dispensing mild sedatives, and providing plenty of loving words and pets. After all, these people are animal heroes and wouldn’t work in this industry if they weren’t passionate about caring for them.

Can I Visit Them?

If your pet is having an extended stay in an animal care clinic, you’d naturally want to see them and make sure they are doing ok.

In this case, you need to speak to the clinic directly and find out what their visiting hours are, and when would be best to come in. After all, you don’t want to show up when your pet has been sedated or is about to go in for a procedure.

It’s also important to remember you need to be respectful of the space - that includes the staff and patients. When you’re visiting you are in their offices so you want to be sure not to get in the way while they provide care.

Bradenton's Local Pet Healthcare Center

When your pet is feeling under the weather or needs to stay in-clinic for treatment, you want to choose a place that will provide the best care possible. In the greater Bradenton and Sarasota area, Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center is the only animal care clinic that provides a balance of urgent care with a long-term wellness focus.

We are highly skilled at providing care for pets when they are sick, but we also recognize the importance of keeping pets healthy and preventing illness. We have a hybrid practice that allows us to emphasize a broad spectrum of care for both well and sick pets.

With services ranging from vaccines, wellness lab testing, basic outpatient treatment of wounds, infections, and illnesses to inpatient intensive care/medical management with continuous monitoring as well as emergency lifesaving surgery.

Need walk-in care for your sick pet? Come to us - no appointment necessary. You can also visit our website to learn more.

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