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What Does an Emergency Vet Do?

You would probably call your primary care veterinarian if your pet gets hurt or becomes ill at home, but emergencies and unwelcome surprises rarely happen during regular office hours.

Local vet clinics don't always have staff available 24 hours a day. While some small practices partner with larger emergency services, others work with smaller vets to offer after-hours care. (If you’re in the Bradenton, FL area and want a vet that can serve as your primary care and emergency provider, you can get in touch with us.)

Pet emergency medicine is just as complex as human medical care. It’s important to have a plan to get to both a primary care vet clinic and an emergency vet clinic in your area. There are many ways that emergency vets can practice their profession. Here’s what to expect at an emergency vet and best practices when you bring your pet to an urgent care vet clinic.

24-hour emergency vet clinics

Routine services are provided by some emergency clinics that operate 24 hours a day. Some only have specialists who can treat severely injured or ill pets after consulting with the regular veterinarian.

This type of care used to be only available at vet teaching hospitals. However, there are now 24-hour emergency veterinarian clinics across the country. Many cities have multiple clinics, while others have emergency veterinary services that can pick up sick or injured pets. We have both primary and urgent care services at our facilities.

What to do before visiting the emergency vet

1. Call first

Even vet offices that are open 24/7 prefer that you call them before you arrive. It allows them to prepare for a potentially life-threatening situation. The emergency vet can walk you through the procedure over the phone if you have to stop bleeding in your pet or induce vomiting.

Many vet offices have the equipment necessary to move large or injured dogs from their car to their office. If you call first, they will be available as soon as your car is parked.

2. Remember that emergency vets triage pets

Just like human trauma units, emergency vets treat the most urgently ill first. It's difficult to wait for your veterinarian to treat your pet. While this might produce anxiety, remember to trust your emergency vet. Be thankful that your pet is healthy enough to wait for the doctor.

Do you need primary care for your furry friend? Get in touch with us today if you need an emergency vet or primary care vet in the Bradenton, FL area.

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