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Veterinary Urgent Care Services - What to Expect

Furry friend owners who have a sick or injured pet but that is not in a life-threatening condition but still need urgent medical attention should use urgent care veterinary services. Luckily, Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center offers both emergency vet and urgent care veterinary services for your convenience.

There are many options available for medical care when your pet is sick, but how can you tell when we should go to an urgent care clinic vs an emergency veterinary hospital? Again, with our veterinary clinic, we offer both urgent care veterinary services and are here for all your emergency vet needs as well - so you don't have to deal with the added stress of needing to navigate how serious your pets need may be.

Having the option of a "one-stop-shop" veterinary clinic was not the case in veterinary medicine until recently. There are more urgent care veterinary clinics popping up all over the place, but most of them do not also offer emergency vet services as well.

How Do Urgent Care Veterinary Services Work?

Most urgent care veterinary services would require an appointment, but that isn't typically how emergencies work, which is why we do accept walk-ins. Most places that offer urgent care veterinary services are often open late into the night and offer pet owners the opportunity to follow up their visit with their regular veterinarian (if we aren't your regular wellness and preventative care vet).

Seeking out urgent care veterinary services is the best place to take pets in good health who can't wait for an appointment with their regular veterinarian. That being said, making an appointment allows you to avoid waiting in a busy emergency veterinary clinic line up if your pet is unwell but stable.

5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Urgent Care Veterinary Services

1. A medical team offering urgent care veterinary services will immediately stabilize a pet that requires urgent care services for your sick or injured furry friend.

2. If you are unsure of your pet's condition, call ahead to ask questions and tell the urgent care veterinary services clinic what's going on. An urgent care vet will provide you with an estimate of the best arrival time, based on the available time slots and your pet's current condition. You may need emergency vet services, which is also available here on site, if need be.

3. Our urgent care veterinary services team will work closely with you and your regular vet to provide the complete care your pet requires. Ask your vet to send your pet's medical records if you have seen them recently for the same condition. Although this is not necessary, it can save you time and money, especially if your pet needs to have diagnostic testing.

4. The team at Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center is made up of highly trained technicians and veterinarians with extensive experience in emergency care and urgent care veterinary services. The majority of urgent care veterinary services don't have a surgical room or any other surgical equipment, so they can't perform surgery on the premises, however, our facility can handle pretty much any emergency.

5. Patients requiring surgical intervention are not eligible for urgent care veterinary services, but can be taken in as an emergency vet case. The emergency veterinary services work just like it does for humans.

All levels of injury and illness are likely to require treatment in some way, which is why it can benefit you to bring you pet to a clinic that offers both urgent care veterinary services and emergency vet services like Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center.

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