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Valentines Day and Your Pets - Do's and Don'ts

Valentine's Day can be a super fun "holiday" to celebrate not only with your loved ones, but also with your furry loved ones. However, there are a few things to pay attention to (risk factor wise) that may not be top of mind. Luckily, we've come up with this short list of do's and don'ts for this years cupid celebration.

Biggest Don't: Keep Valentine's Day Gifts, Food, and Flowers Out of Reach

As we all know, Valentine's Day is a time when many of us enjoy rich foods and lots of chocolates. This is a big reason why you need to be aware of what is and is not within your pet's reach when it comes to treats and flowers, as many of these items are highly poisonous to your furry friends.

The Pet Poison Helpline is typically busy at this time of the year (as you can probably imagine) because dogs will happily ingest toxic amounts chocolate, while flower arrangements that contain lilies can be highly dangerous if you have cats.

Pets can get upset stomachs and even pancreatitis from eating rich foods, so please refrain from sharing your table scraps. Another thing to consider is alcohol, which can cause sensitive reactions in pets, so make sure to keep alcoholic beverages (off the floor) and out of reach. Not to mention sugar-free foods that contain xylitol, which can also cause dangerous drops in your pet's blood sugar.

Share the Love

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day can seem lonely for many who many not have a romantic partner. Perhaps it's a good time to go to an animal shelter to help a rescued animal and find yourself a furry companion.

Valentine's Day is a great day to consider adopting a pet. Perhaps even just a visit to your pet shelter can brighten someone's day who is unable or unwilling to own a dog or cat. If you really want to share the love, you might even consider getting your dog certified as Canine Good Citizen (or therapy dog) to help others.

Find Safe Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Pet

You can gift your pet a new collar, toys, or treats on Valentine's Day, as there are so many themed pet gifts to choose from. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to make your own pet friendly treats for your pet or to give them a new lovey. You can also consider giving bedding or training tools for your pet, especially if their toy bin is already overflowing full of toys.

That said, many pets value the gift of time, love, and affection more than anything. Your cat or dog will really appreciate extra play time, extra walks, and all the cuddles. Regardless of what day it is, you can make your cat or dog happy by getting them more exercise and snuggles throughout the day.

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