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The Difference Between Urgent Care Vet Services and Emergency Vet Services

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher the difference between urgent care vet services and emergency vet services, but this article is aimed to help clear up the confusion so that you know that your pet is protected no matter the situation you find them in.

Emergency vet services and urgent care vet services are two similar, yet distinct types of medical care for pets. Emergency vet services are typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and involve cases that require immediate attention due to the severity or nature of the pet's condition.

A condition that might require emergency vet services could include symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe trauma, bleeding, ingestion of foreign objects, labor and delivery complications, or any other life-threatening situation. Urgent care vet services are generally available during normal business hours and involve cases that need to be addressed quickly but have not yet reached an emergency vet services type level.

Urgent care vet services would include minor injuries or illnesses such as infection, vomiting/diarrhea, eye issues, urinary tract infections, poisoning from ingesting plants or human medications, skin issues like fleas or rashes, etc.

It is rare that a veterinary office would include both urgent care vet services and emergency vet services, but here at Companion Veterinary & Urgent Care Services, we do - so even in times of uncertainty, you know that your pet will get the care it needs in times of distress or injury.

Emergency vet services will typically involve more intensive treatments than urgent care vet services since they are aimed at addressing life-threatening situations. For example an animal suffering from an acute emergency may require surgery to remove a foreign body from their stomach or chest cavity immediately in order to save their life – this is something that isn’t necessary with most urgent care vet services.

But both urgent care vet services and emergency vet services can provide critical medical support for your pet when it needs it most – whether it’s an emergency situation or something that needs to be addressed quickly before it gets out of hand.

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