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The Dangers of Yarn For Your Cat

Cats love to bat things around with their paws, and yarn is definitely no exception. As fun as it may be, yarn can cause serious problems in cats, one that may require a trip to your local urgent care vet or emergency vet.

Why is yarn dangerous? The main issue with yarn is that it can be easily swallowed by your cat because, unfortunately, they don’t know any better. The main issues that arise when your cat ingests yarn are choking and obstruction.

Some cats find chewing on yarn appealing, resulting in a piece getting stuck in the back of their throat. If this happens to your cat, try and remove the yarn piece immediately and call your urgent care vet or emergency vet.

Sometimes cats will swallow yarn, and it will end up in the gastrointestinal tract. Yarn is obviously not food and is considered a foreign body once your cat has ingested it. It's possible that your cat could pass the yarn by either throwing it up or it coming out in their stool. However, there are times where a foreign body gets stuck and causes an obstruction.

An obstruction is a life-threatening condition and often requires surgery to remedy it. If you think that your cat has swallowed yarn or any other type of string for that matter, call your urgent care vet or emergency vet and bring your cat in to be seen immediately.

The best thing you can do to protect your cat from the possibility of choking or developing an obstruction from yarn, or any other string, is to keep stringed items out of the house. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, so keeping any and all stringed items locked away safely is the next best thing to do.

Sewing or craft supplies should be properly stored, kitchen twine should never be left out on the counter, and curtain or blind strings should be tied up so a cat cannot get tangled in them. Even hair ties or ribbons need to be safely kept away from your cat's reach.

While many cats love to play with yarn or stringed items, there are safer alternatives for them to play with. For example, stuffed toys, fake mice, etc. These items are specifically made for them, so they will be able to carry or bat them around.

We always want your furry felines to be safe and healthy, so if you need any other recommendations for safe toys or you think that your cat may have swallowed something dangerous, don’t hesitate to call us.

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