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Safety Tips for Summer Travel with Your Pets

Traveling with pets can be a great way to spend time together as a family over the summer. However, it is important to be aware of some necessary precautions and tips in order to keep your pet safe and healthy during the trip so you don't end up needing emergency vet services.

First and foremost, make sure you have all your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date before leaving for your destination. This will reduce the chance of any health issues that might arise while traveling, and often times vaccinations are required at certain destinations.

You might also consider daycare boarding options while you're away on vacation, and up-to-date vaccinations (and proof of said vaccinations) are almost always required. It's also a good idea to consider getting a collar with an ID tag that has your contact information just in case your pet gets lost while away from home.

Some other great ways to avoid having your pet need any emergency vet services in the midst of your family vacation include:

1. Making sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date

2. Bringing a copy of your pet's medical records with you when traveling

3. Taking familiar items from home such as toys and blankets to help reduce anxiety

4. Packing snacks and plenty of water for the actual traveling part of the trip

5. Having a plan in place in case of emergency, including an emergency vet service contact list

You should also prepare an emergency kit for your pet that includes food, water, bowls, leashes, medications or supplements they might need, plus first aid supplies like bandages or cotton swabs. Make sure you research the destination you plan on visiting so you have an understanding of any potential dangers like diseases or wildlife that could harm your pet severely enough to need emergency vet services.

If flying with a pet, plan ahead by contacting the airline about their specific requirements for bringing animals aboard as these are subject to change depending on size and breed of animal.

When driving in a car with them make sure they have their own space and they are kept secure either in a kennel or harnessed seatbelt to avoid any distraction from the driver, which could mean more than an emergency vet service for your furry friend.

Finally, if staying at a hotel it’s important to check whether they allow pets and what their rules may be regarding them such as restrictions on size or breed. All these measures will help reduce unwanted surprises during vacation time and greatly lessen the likelihood of needing emergency vet services which can be both disruptive and costly.

For more tips and tricks like these, follow our weekly blog by clicking here - or for a list of emergency vet services offered at Companion Veterinary & Urgent Care Center, you can find that here.

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