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Improving Your Dogs Oral Health

Are you looking for healthy treat options for your pet that also help with their stinky breath and dental health? There are a lot of dental treats on the market, so here is what you need to know before buying any dental treats for your dog.

Just like humans, your dog's dental health is essential. Brushing your dog's teeth is by far the most effective thing you can do to keep their teeth healthy between dental cleanings. Although not always as easy as it sounds, be sure to use a toothbrush and toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

As part of your pup's annual or semi-annual checkup, your vet should check your dog's teeth and gums. However, if your dog is experiencing any of the below symptoms, your may need to make a special visit to your local urgent care vet clinic or regular vet:

  • Bad breath

  • Discolored, tartar-covered teeth

  • Extra teeth

Sometimes your dog may be experiencing dental issues that require them to be seen quickly. As your local urgent care vet we recommend your dog be seen as soon as possible if they are experiencing the following:

  • Any unusual chewing or drooling

  • Broken or loose teeth

  • Pain, bleeding or swelling around the mouth

Do Dental Treats Help Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy?

Some dogs adamantly refuse to allow you to brush their teeth so dental treats may seem like a good option, and we're sure your pup will agree.

What dog doesn't like treats? And it's even better when they are beneficial to your pet's health. So look for treats approved by The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) to ensure that they are recommended for your pet's oral health.

Types of Dental Treats

There are two major categories of VOHC approved canine dental treats that help decrease tartar buildup: edible treats and rawhide treats. Make sure that you look for the VOHC seal and chat with your vet about what goodies would be best for your individual pet.

When you come in for your pet's checkup, ask us for our recommendations. There are some treats out there that you want to avoid giving. Some of the harder treats can actually damage or crack your dog's teeth. And as much as we love to see your pet at our urgent care vet clinic, we would prefer your animals stay in good health.

If you don't want to use treats to assist in your dog's dental health, there are some specially formulated dog foods out there. Of course, we will always recommend dry kibble as a food choice because it is better for your dogs' teeth than soft food. However, you can take your pup's kibble one step further and give them food designed to help with plaque and tartar.

Taking care of your dog's oral health can save you from emergency trips to your local urgent care vet clinic and possibly an expensive dental procedure later on. Make sure to stay on top of your dog's dental health by getting regular checkups and doing what you can to maintain good oral health.

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