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Halloween Safety Tips for your Pets

Halloween can be scary, but that doesn't mean that pets should be in danger of needing emergency vet services. These simple, common-sense precautions can help keep your pet healthy and happy through the month of October and beyond.

Keep the Treats Out of Pet's Reach

To help avoid needing emergency vet services, the candy bowl intended for trick-or-treaters should be kept well out of reach from Scruffy and Fluffy. Many Halloween treats can be toxic for pets. All forms of chocolate, especially dark and baking chocolates, can be dangerous for pets and require an emergency vet visit.

Sugar-free candy containing the sugar substitute xylitol may also pose a danger to pets. If consumed, contact your emergency veterinarian immediately, even if you merely suspect that your pet has ingested toxic substances.

Keep the Flame Far Away

A carved up Jack-o-lantern is certainly festive during this fun and spooky season. However, pets can also easily flip a lit pumpkin to start a fire, which could result in much more than needing emergency vet services.

Inquisitive kittens are at the greatest risk of being burned by a candle flame. Although, Halloween plants like decorative corn and pumpkins are generally considered nontoxic, they can cause stomach discomfort in pets that eat them and may result in landing your furry friend in the emergency vet office.

Take Care with Your Costumes

Some pets may feel stressed by wearing costumes, so it's suggested not to force your animals to do so unless they feel comfortable in them. If you do decide to dress up your pets, make sure that your pet is free to move, see, breathe, bark, or meow in the costume you dress up for Halloween to avoid needing emergency vet services.

You should also inspect the costume beforehand for any small, dangling, or easily chewed-off parts that could pose a danger to your pet's health. Incorrectly fitting outfits can cause injury if they are twisted around objects and pets.

Before the big event, make sure your pet has a chance to try the costume on. You should let your pet arrive in their "birthday suit" if he or she is acting abnormally or seems stressed in a costume.

Keep Your Pets Calm and Easily Identifiable

Halloween is full of visitors, which can be stressful and scary for pets. During peak hours of trick-or-treating, all dogs and cats must be kept away from the front door to avoid them running outside into the street or worse - this is not a Halloween exclusive safety tip when it comes to keeping them out of emergency vet offices.

While you open the front door to guests, make sure your pet doesn't wander outside. A collar with identification tags or a microchip is a great way to save your pet if he or she gets lost.

For more insights like these or to read our full blog of articles on safety tips, tricks, and best practices, click here.

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