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6 Ways to Find the Best Emergency Vet in Bradenton

There are quite a few factors to consider when sussing out the best emergency vet in Bradenton, and the same applies to finding a suitable vet in general. A few simple things, for starters, include checking the cleanliness and organization of the veterinary clinic, be sure that your veterinarian shares your views on pet care and to watch how your veterinarian and staff interact with your dog to reduce stress.

Your pet, as a member of your family, deserves more than just a vet that is close by or well accredited, make sure to take your time and "shop around" when considering who will provide the best veterinary care for your fur baby and (perhaps even more importantly) who the best emergency vet in Bradenton is. Many vet clinics do not operate as both - but Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center does.

So let's just dive right into our recommended 6 ways to help you to consider who is the best emergency vet in Bradenton:

1. Ask for Recommendations

Chat with your neighbors, friends, and family, see who they recommend, and who they might believe the best emergency vet in Bradenton to be. You can also ask breeders and members of breed clubs for recommendations, as well as dog trainers and your local shelter staff.

2. Take Specific Location into Account

It can be a good idea to have your dog checked out in a convenient area, that said, closest is not always best. You'll also need to consider where to take your dog if they require emergency care, and most vets don't offer both general veterinary services and emergency veterinary services.

It is ideal to find a clinic that does both, this way you vet already has a relationship with you and your pet in the case that there might be an emergency. Not all emergency vets in Bradenton are up to snuff, so definitely do your research and consider a clinic that does both emergency services and wellness care.

3. Ensure the Vet Clinic's Treatment Philosophy Aligns with Yours

Ask your veterinarian about their views on the treatment of things like cancer, spaying, neutering, and the like. They should also answer questions about senior dogs and euthanasia. Do they believe in prescribing holistic treatments or alternative treatments when necessary?

When seeking out the best emergency vet in Bradenton, ask where they place importance on preventative care? Would your children be able to accompany you on a routine office visit if need be? Come up with a list of important questions that you'd like answered to ensure that your values align.

4. Visit your Emergency Veterinary Clinic without Your Dog

This one is a bit tricky in current times with COVID restrictions on in-person visits, but when the timing allows for it, you can take a tour of the office and see if it is clean and organized. Be sure to ask your emergency vet in Bradenton about the services they offer and what their hours are.

Our full suite of services and our hours are listed on our website for your convenience - you can find that here.

Many veterinary clinics in Bradenton offer in-house digital radiography, dental x-rays, pet dentistry, ultrasounds, radiology, and veterinary surgical services like general surgery, neutering, and assistance with chemotherapy. Ask how long it takes to make a non-emergency appointment and if it's possible to request an appointment with a particular veterinarian?

5. Ask about Fees

Compare prices and stay away from deals that seem too good to be true. When sussing out the best emergency vet in Bradenton, remember that you get what you pay for - as with all products and services. It is best to inquire about the fees and costs of any procedures and what payment options are available.

Ask the veterinarian if they provide written estimates for services. If you require them, are payment plans and financial assistance available? Is your pet insured? Do you receive a complete explanation of each visit? It's always great to be as financially prepared before any service or procedure, so ask all the necessary questions.

6. Ask for an Office Visit with Your Dog

Again, all COVID restrictions aside, see if you can visit the vet office with your dog so you can observe their "bedside manner." What do they do to make your dog feel comfortable? Are they able to set up waiting areas and examination rooms so your dog feels as at ease as possible?

Your goal should be to find the veterinarian who you believe can best meet your pet's medical needs and with whom you feel comfortable in establishing a long-term veterinarian-client-patient relationship with. Hence, the efforts made to find the best emergency vet in Bradenton - don't settle for second best.

We're always here to answer any questions you might have for is about both our wellness care services and our emergency veterinary services - it is our philosophy to treat the "whole" pet and to build long term relationships with both you and your furry companion. Give us a call to ask any questions, schedule an appointment, or to learn more about who we are: (941) 896-9420

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