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3 Signs Your Dog May Be Hurt Or Sick

Dogs are instinctively very expressive creatures, with distinct body language. Ears that perk up at a new sound, tails that droop when you walk away from the counter without giving them a treat - you can usually guess what they are thinking about.

The one exception is when they might be affected by an illness or an unknown source of pain. In the wild, injury or ailment can mean death to animals and so it’s in their nature to hide how they are feeling.

The best person to see behind the curtain of how your dog is really feeling is you. You know your dog the best, and so you are most attuned to changes in their personality or attitude. That means you’ll be the first to notice when something is really wrong.

If you suspect that your dog might be feeling under the weather or you see them show any of the signs listed below then your dog is likely in need of medical attention:

Sign 1: Vomiting And Changes In Bathroom Habits

If your dog is nauseous or showing signs of an upset stomach, you can be sure that an urgent trip to the vet is in order. This is because there are a variety of causes to these symptoms, some of which are non-threatening and others that can be fatal if left untreated.

Nausea and diarrhea can be caused by things like a dietary change, eating a non-food item, bacterial infections, and much more. In puppies and young dogs, it could be a sign of something dangerously infectious like the parvovirus.

If your dog has an upset stomach and it’s a once-off occurrence, you should be ok just watching them for any signs of symptom progression. If the symptoms happen several times within a single day, the chances are good something is wrong and they need to be seen by an emergency vet Bradenton urgently.

Sign 2: Bladder Trouble

It’s not common for house-trained dogs to suddenly urinate indoors if there is no good reason for it. Trouble with urination is always an emergency and should be treated as such.

If you notice your dog is straining to urinate, or any signs of blood in their urine, get them to a veterinary care provider immediately. This is especially important in senior dogs.

All of these signs indicate issues with the kidneys, UTIs, bladder stones or even cancer. Noticing it and acting quickly will give you the best course of action when it comes to treatment and healing.

Sign 3: No Appetite

Appetite loss is a common sign of an animal being under duress or feeling out of sorts. It could be as simple as a change in temperature or it could be an indicator of dental disease.

If your dog is under the weather and not interested in its usual food, try to offer them one of its favorite treats or some plainly cooked chicken and see if their interest is piqued.

Unfortunately, this might not always do the trick, in which case it’s best to take your dog to the vet and get a professional opinion about what might be happening. This is especially essential if you see that your dog is starting to lose weight.

Getting Your Dog The Best Care

A sick or injured dog is a terrible thing to have on your hands, and it makes you feel desperate to do the best you can for your best friend.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are the go-to emergency vet Bradenton and being Bradenton's Local Pet Healthcare Center and our Urgent Care Services means not having to wait for the next available appointment when an Emergency Injury or Illness occurs.

We are highly skilled at providing care for pets when they are sick, but we also recognize the importance of keeping pets healthy and preventing illness. We have a hybrid practice that allows us to emphasize a broad spectrum of care for both well and sick pets.

Companion Veterinary and Urgent Care Center is the primary emergency vet Bradenton area that provides urgent and wellness care, which allows us to provide a “whole pet” approach to your furry family member’s health.

Need help with your dog’s health? Contact us today or come right in and we’ll assist.

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