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10 Warning Signs Your Cat May Be Hurt Or Sick

Most cat owners will tell you that cats seem to have an extremely high tolerance to pain. It’s almost impossible sometimes to tell that your cat is hurting. As loving cat owners, we want to know when our furry friend is in pain so that we can help and take them to an urgent care vet or emergency vet as soon as possible.

Below are 10 warning signs that something may be wrong with your feline companion and you should seek emergency veterinary care immediately.

  1. Going potty outside the litter box: A telltale sign your cat may be sick is when you find them urinating or defecating outside of their litter box. It is possible that your cat is protesting for a cleaner litter box, but most likely it means your cat is sick and needs medical attention.

  2. Activity change: If your cat has a Garfield personality to begin with, you probably won’t notice any change in their activity level. But if your cat is generally quite frisky and all of a sudden seems lethargic, take them to their local urgent care vet or emergency vet as soon as possible.

  3. Change in appetite: If your cat all of a sudden decides to stop eating and drinking, or starts eating frantically, this could be a sign that something is wrong. If you recently changed their food, it is possible that they could just be boycotting the change. But if their hasn’t been a recent change in food then definitely seek medical attention from an urgent care vet or emergency vet sooner than later.

  4. Obvious odor: If you notice any strange odors coming from your feline friend its a good sign that something is going on and it would be best to call your urgent care vet or emergency vet and have them seen.

  5. Sleep changes: Every cat has their own routine, like when they’re normally awake or asleep. If you are starting to find that your cat is sleeping less or sleeping more, it’s definitely something to be concerned about and your should contact your urgent care vet or emergency vet immediately.

  6. Vomiting or diarrhea: If your cat is vomiting (not coughing up hairballs) and/or having diarrhea, you want to be vigilant. Call your urgent care vet or emergency vet immediately and have your feline friend seen.

  7. Change in weight: If you start to notice that your furry feline companion is losing or gaining weight definitely call in and make an appointment to have them seen. There could be an underlying medial condition.

  8. Grooming change: Many cats spend the day bathing themselves but a sick cat won’t feel up to it. If you notice any change in their grooming behaviors call and make an appointment to see their vet.

  9. Dilated eyes: If you notice that your cat's eye or eyes are dilated call your urgent care vet or emergency vet immediately.

  10. Quick breathing: Changes in your cat’s breathing is a serious warning sign that something isn’t right. If they are breathing quickly, or more shallow than usual, seek medical attention from your local urgent care vet or emergency vet as soon as you can.

We never want to see your pet in pain or sick but it does happen from time to time and we are here for them if it happens. If you notice any of the above warning signs call us and bring your cat in to see one of our veterinarians.

Even if you’re unsure, it’s always better to be safe, so call us and bring your pet in for a visit. We want your kitty to be living their best life.

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